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We Sailed and Jumped into a Twisted -ED (the suffix)

We Sailed and Jumped into a Twisted -ED (the suffix).


Before Writer’s Workshop

Before Writer’s Workshop, my memories of growing up generally stayed latent.  My memories would only come to life  when I talked about them with family and friends. We would share stories over and over again because it felt great to talk about the things that happened when we were growing up.  If I didn’t see them for a long time, my memories would go right back to a spot that would wait until the next get together.  The only other time my memories of growing up would momentarily surface was when I saw a special object, visited a special place, heard a special song or sound, smelled a special scent, tasted a special food or drink, etc.  The moments of a particular memory usually created a warm and safe feeling inside but that feeling would be short-lived because it would be taken over by the newest demands of the moment. 

Old memories always have the risk of getting lost forever.  Then, I learned about writing personal narratives in Writer’s Workshop.   Writing personal narratives created a venue for the old small moments (memories) to finally be secure and last forever.  Writing also helped  me to remember many more details of a specific memory.  I soon discovered that I could write about things in much more detail that I had never remembered before.   The more I wrote, the more vivid my memories got.